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With over 50 years of experience globally in a diverse range of industries including healthcare, we understand your role as a medical professional along with the risks you take to fulfill it. We know that you deserve the greatest level of protection while enabling efficiency, comfort, and style.

UniRay is your destination for radiation protection products that represent a synergy of technological innovation, meaningful research and dedicated care. Our products meet and exceed the highest safety standards of the industry.

We design protective apparel used in interventional radiology and cardiology, CT labs, X-ray assisted surgery and general radiology. UniRay offers a complete range of products that are designed with both function and style in mind. Quality, weight, ergonomics and aesthetics form the core attributes of every UniRay product.


When you use UniRay products, you are guaranteed optimum protection against scattered radiation.

UniRay offers apparel that provides various levels of protection depending on the functional requirements.

The lead equivalence in the apparel corresponds to the level of radiation protection as described bel


The lead equivalence is determined as per the IEC 61331-1, by the inverse broad beam geometry method for the specified range of tube voltages from 50 kV to 150 kV.

All apparel are available in popular lead equivalencies as well as in customized Pb thickness on both the front and the back.